Xuan MMA training has been created to combine all the best features of both modern and traditional martial arts training. It is a system designed to grow and develop with its practitioners, and the natural forces of evolution and innovation. The aim of exceptional martial arts training is to produce a practitioner who is disciplined, physically fit, mentally healthy and who has high levels of fighting prowess. Xuan MMA integrates training methods designed to bring together the best possible training to reach these objectives in the most efficient, sustainable and enjoyable way. Martial arts can be a lifelong practice, provided they are approached in the right way.

Training that is designed to integrate seamlessly.

Each element of the training system can be approached as an art in it's own right. However the true power of the system is when all elements are trained, developed and forged.

More and more modern day 'fighting focussed' martial arts practitioners are discovering the benefit (and arguably the need) for utilising some practices that have traditionally been considered 'internal'. These are aspects such as breath training, movement awareness training (and development), meditation (we teach standing and seated) as well more philosophical elements, including strategy and tactics (think 'book of 5 rings', 'art of war' etc). Many 'traditional' martial arts practices have become focussed on 'self development/examination' at the expense of a focus on achieving realistic fighting skills and the pursuit of genuine martial methods. We therefore integrate the practical (armed and unarmed combat skills) with the developmental - all personal attributes required to make you a success. This internal/external training approach includes - Strength and power training- Solo movement awareness and capacity exercises- Aerobic / Anaerobic conditioning- Footwork drills- Reflex and evasion drills- Impact training (bags/mitts etc) for whole body striking- Angle, distance and timing partner drills- Wrestling and grappling training (focus on standup)- Standing posture conditioning and meditation exercises- Seated meditation- Competition training