Club Training.

Club training sessions are mixed ability workouts, with everyone working individually or in pairs, sharpening their skills. The emphasis is on learning excellent technique, developing real skills and improving physical conditioning. Egos stay at home. We use light contact training methods in class, so that you can train safely, yet realistically without fear of injury.If you develop to the point where you want to take part in competitions (San Da/ MMA etc) we will introduce you to additional relevant training techniques. For the rest of us, we simply study and practice all the elements of a truly mixed martial arts system. Days and timesClub training is on Monday and Wednesday from 6.30 to 9pm. You can come for the whole session or drop in and leave when necessary (work commitments etc). FeesClub night training costs £25 per night if you pay per session or £100 per calendar month. Booking inSessions have to be booked so head over to the contact page.

Team built.

A well designed training environment produces friendships, cooperation of the highest order between students and a true growth environmnet.

Private coaching.

Private coaching is ideal for anybody who needs flexibility in their schedule, or who likes to learn things in depth and with attention to detail. Coaching sessions are generally practiced at our headquarters in Camden Town. It's a purpose built space with a variety of strength and conditioning tools, as well as martial equipment, so that intensive and focussed sessions can be carried out. It's also a completely private space, so there are no interruptions to the training. Sessions can be designed to focus on almost any area of strength, conditioning or martial arts skills. We also have a support network of physiotherapists and physical therapists, should you need any additional bodywork. We have a few trainers who are skilled in our approach to training, so therefore we can offer flexibility in booking times etc. If for any reason you prefer to train at an alternative we can generally accommodate. Booking sessionsTo book private coaching head over to the contact page.