MMA is actually nothing new. The term was first coined in around 1997 by the UFC commentator, Jeff Blatnik, for want of a better term. However, people seeking innovative solutions to martial arts problems has been going on forever, which has given rise to so many different approaches. The dogmatic approach to modern MMA training is to fuse ju-jitsu (Brazillian version), boxing, kickboxing and Olympic style wrestling. This is a good approach, but not the only valid approach. Martial artists have been fighting in full contact battles, which fuse wrestling and striking, for a long time. One of these arenas - the Lei Tai - gave rise to a style of training which integrated a complete range of striking, takedowns, grappling and throwing. The modern term for this style of competition is San Da. Many of the earlier San Da fighters came from more traditional disciplines which included the use of more esoteric, though highly useful training methods, such as breathing and meditation practices. The Xuan system was created by Neil Rosiak MSc, a lifelong martial artist who was initially trained in these methods by the champion San Da fighter, Mr Dan Docherty. Dan was a 1980 South East Asian full contact super heavyweight champion, who had been very well trained in all the external and internal fighting approaches of the full contact Chinese martial arts. After training for a decade or so in this approach, Neil began practicing with and competing with some of the pioneers of the UK MMA scene, including the 'godfather of UK MMA', Mr Lee Hasell. Neil, James Zikic, Rob Sulski, Mustapha Al Turk and many others were the early adopters of the MMA style of training and competing, which gave rise to formation of one of the UK's most well known gyms 'London Shootfighters' among others.

In addition to decades of training and research with the best martial artists available, Neil supplemented his thirst for martial training knowledge by reading Sports Science at the University of Edinburgh, emerging with an MSc in Strength and Conditioning. This has been exceptionally useful over the years in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of various training systems and approaches that come into vogue, in addition to the efficient design of our strength and conditioning systems here at Xuan MMA. Xuan MMA is the innovative approach which synthesises all the most valuable training elements from classical martial arts (and there is a LOT) as well as modern 'sport fighting' approaches